Be the MVP of every party this season...

Between Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Holiday Parties, Christmas, and NYE on the horizon, we know your schedule is filling up quickly as you make your rounds to see your friends and loved ones house by house, party by party. Don't show up empty-handed! We have officially dropped our holiday season menu and pinky-promise to keep it interesting week by week. Place your order and get your goodies delivered to your door and be the MVP, coming through with the ultimate desserts! (you can even take credit, we won't tell lol) Spend more time having fun and creating memories versus racking your brain and experimenting in your kitchen to make a good impression. From our award winning GELAT'OH, to our unforgettable SWEET POTATO PIE, we have something for every taste bud that's sure to wow the crowd.

On the fence about what to bring? If you are in the Philadelphia metro area, come to our upcoming tasting next week (11/23) and experience the yummiest holiday drinks, apps, and desserts for yourself. RSVP online and meet us there, it will be an evening your tastebuds will never forget!

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